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Serving you the finest Chemistry tutoring by Singapore’s No.1 science specialist The Physics Cafe.



If you struggle with chemistry and would like to have a solid foundation to get a higher grade in your O-Level or A-Level exams.


Please read this, and in 5 minutes when you’re done, you will realize that this is the best piece of information you’ve read in a while.


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At Chemistry Cafe, we provide students with easy to understand SECONDARY IP, JC Chemistry Solutions.



This has made our students doubled their percentage of As in their O-Level.





Using the best tutors to breakdown complex chemistry topics to simple and understandable topics is what makes THE Chemistry Cafe Standout.


Our Tutors:


  • Are dedicated to helping students like YOU.
  • Are willing and able to break down complex topics to simpler topics.
  • Use different concepts to answer your questions until it’s understandable to YOU.
  • Are able to reach out to ALL students… And they deliberately spend time to re-emphasize key concepts throughout the lesson.
  • Are friendly and engaging with students and are very good at delivering important points across.


Here’s a Sneak Peek of Our Program.


One of our tutors making sure his student fully understands what was discussed in class, and being available to answer her questions.



Students in Class… Discussing and providing solutions to Chemistry Questions.





Our Tutors are always available and Pay Full attention to students and their problems. And they make sure the student understands by using different concept to answer question.


 This majorly contributes to why our students turn out with Higher grades in their O-Level exams.



This is What Students are Saying ABOUT THE CHEMISTRY CAFE…


BEFORE CHEMISTRY CAFE, some students said:


“ I don’t like chemistry, it is too complex to understand! ”


“ I didn’t pass chemistry last year, this year will be my last time trying! ”


AFTER CHEMISTRY CAFE, this is what they said…


“ I never knew complex chemistry questions can be this easy to understand. Thank you Chemistry Cafe! ”


Another one added that…


“ I wish I heard about THE CHEMISTRY CAFE earlier. I finally aced my O-level with higher grade, I will definitely recommend to my friends! ”


Why Should I Sign Up With The Chemistry Cafe?


We’ve helped over 3000 students like you passed their A-Level and O-Level exams by giving  them access to the right solutions.


  • We listen to your needs, and understand your current level and strength in chemistry… then…
  • We provide customize solutions for YOU, to get you higher grade in your exams.


You can Learn with us by signing up(hyperlink) to our lessons at (Nrth, )




You can also have LIVE access to the same lesson from home.



So, if you want to BREAKDOWN COMPLEX CHEMISTRY topics to be EASILY understood.


To also…


  • Learn how to Answer complex questions easily.


  • Have access to a system that will help YOU achieve success in your O-Level exams.


  • Accesss to customized notes that will help you understand complex topics better.



You should Sign Up(Hyperlinked To registrations form) with The Chemsitry Cafe, One of the biggest and the best tuition center in Singapore.


Where you will have access to tactics that has helped over 3000 students save time and avoid loss of mark when answering questions.


Sign Up Now…